"Saturated with international intrquie and peopled with a sordid cast of caharceters--including mobsters, pedophiles and shady businessmen--Duffy's latest is high-tension, meticulously plotted, and immensely entertaining.  Readers will delight in Duffy's handling of the thrilling proceedings."

Publisher's Weekly

"One of the most original protagonists I’ve ever come across — a cross between Arkady Renko and Philip Marlowe: a Russian-born ex-KGB agent living in New York, a private eye with a strong sense of irony and a Russian sense of fatalism.  David Duffy knows his Russia inside and out, but most of all, he knows how to tell a story with flair and elegance.  This is really, really good."

Joseph Finder
Best-selling New York Times author of Vanished and Buried Secrets

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